Brain and Perception Lab
Bilkent University

2013-2017 EU FP7 People Program: Marie Curie Initial Training Network 2012, PRISM: Perceptual Representation of Illumination, Shape and Materials, Coordinator: University of Giessen, KD:Co-PI. Budget: 226,000 Euro, Total ITN Budget: 3,011,566 Euro. prism-network.eu

2013 - 2017 Turkish Academy of Sciences Outstanding Young Scientist Award (TUBA GEBIP), Awardee: KD, Budget: 20,000 YTL per year

2014-2017 BIDEB 2232 Post doctoral integration fellowship 21514107-232.01-9150. The role of onject motion and surface material in 3D shape perception. Fellow: Dicle Dovengioglu (Postdoc). Budget: 25,000 YTL

2013-2014 TUBITAK 2209 National/International Research Projects Fellowship Programme for Undergraduate Students-A (2013-1). Fellow: Begum Irkdas (Undergraduate) Budget: 2,000 YTL

2012-2015 TUBITAK 1001 Research Grant, Assessing structural and functional architecture of the human brain through investigating influences of genetically rooted central nervous system disorders, KD:PI. Budget: 316,000 YTL (approximately 150,000 Euro)

2012-2015 E-Rare JTC 2011 - European Research Projects on Rare Diseases, Nosology and molecular diagnosis of the degenerative recessive ataxias - Euro-SCAR, KD: Member of Partner 4 group (together with 7 researchers), Total Budget: 917,100 Euro, Partner 4 Budget: 81,000 Euro

2009-2013 European Commission Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant, Visual Percep- tion of Surface Material Properties - Computational and fMRI investigations of spatio- temporal cues to perceived shininess, KD:PI. Budget: 100,000 Euro. project website

2009-2012 TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) 1001 Research Grant, Analysis of the influence of novel neurodevelopmental movement disorder mu- tations on the functional and structural organization of the visual and motor systems, KD:Co-PI. Budget: 360,000 YTL (approximately 225,000 US Dollars)

2009-2012 TUBITAK 1001 Research Grant, Assessing neural activity and functional connectivity in human cortex associated with contextual influences on visual perception, KD:Co-PI. Budget: 330,000 YTL (approximately 210,000 US Dollars)

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